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Falling for Hopefield: A Journey Back to the ’70s and Home

Falling for Hopefield: A Journey Back to the ’70s and Home

Hey Sunshine

Please indulge me while I take you back to the moment when Hopefield whispered its charm into our lives—a detour off the R45 that ended up rerouting our hearts. It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision but a serendipitous call from the past that led us to this hidden gem.

We’re browsing properties online one day and daydreaming about bidding adieu to the City’s relentless noise and traffic. Suddenly, Rory drops a bombshell out of the blue, “Hey, I lived in that house.” The house he’s pointing at? Nestled on Sand Street in the quaint town of Hopefield. Now, I had never heard of this place despite my drives up the West Coast. Curiosity piqued, we decide to make a weekend trip to quell Rory’s nostalgia.

As we approach Hopefield, the landscape unfolds like a familiar scene from small-town tales—akin to the calm of Standford or Greyton. It’s a feeling, a vibe that wraps you in its arms as you drive through the welcoming streets.

What might have been the turning point for us away from the City hustle was stepping into the local watering hole for a slow beer. Picture this: wood paneling, dark blue couches, and beer and brandy memorabilia that resonates with the ’70s. It felt like a step back in time, an escape from the modern chaos.

Our subsequent visits were more than just property inspections and they gave us an excuse to stay over at The Commercial Hotel. If we thought the bar was a nostalgic haven, the rooms transported us to the honest classiness of the ’70s. Green carpets, steel window frames, and that woodgrain Phillips bar fridge—every inch spoke of an era that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the meticulous attention to detail and the generosity of kindness from everyone we encountered made us fall in love.

Our apartmentchoices expanded to include Zoute River, a charming cottage with its private garden. Again, the host’s warmth and amiable nature mirrored the hospitality we found across Hopefield.

Now, fast forward to 2023—Hopefield, the town we found, found us right back. We’re officially Hopefielders, and there’s no other place we’d rather call home. The ’70s may be a thing of the past, but here in Hopefield, it’s alive and well, echoing in the kindness of its people and the timeless beauty that wraps around every corner.

Cheers to Hopefield—where every detour becomes a journey home.

Catch you on the flip side,


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