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Ladybug Nursery
The Ladybug nursery is a small plant nursery, run by the Plaasmol family, right next to the farmstall and restaurant. We are an independent nursery that sells seasonal plants, and our friendly, helpful staff can provide visitors with constructive help and advice.

We do not specialize in any plants at the nursery, as we try to have as broad a range on offer as we can, all sourced as locally as possible. Our plant selection includes ornamental and fruit trees, perennials, shrubs, roses, climbers, vegetable and salad seedlings, herbs, and seasonal bedding.

We are constantly adding new stock from several suppliers, but if there is anything that you might want that we have not got, we would be more than happy to try and source it for you! We also stock manure and compost in 30-liter bags.

Ouma Fransie’s Succulent Collection
On special request and by appointment only, interested visitors or groups can also view Ouma Fransie’s magnificent and unique succulent collection close to the Lady Bug Nursery.

The “tour” will be conducted by Ouma Fransie personally so that any questions can be answered and valuable succulent growing tips can be shared.

Farm Animals
For an experience that your children will remember for years to come, bring them to the Plaasmol Animal Farm to meet our range of farm animals and domestic animals alike!

Chester our donkey friend keeps a watchful eye on the Marmosets, turtles, ducks, turkeys, potbelly pigs, and other friends. Let your children have fun feeding the animals whilst you relax in our garden with a cuppa “Boeretroos”.

We provide a safe and fun-filled opportunity for your child to meet and touch the domesticated and farm animals as well as sell small bags of feed so that our little visitors can help feed the animals too! The children can learn about conservation by feeding, touching, and observing the animals and their behavior.

We love animals, and our animal companions at the petting zoo are friendly, full of personality, and the source of a ton of photo opportunities! They have more photos snapped of them each year than most models do in their lifetime!


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