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Experience Sustainable Living with Farm-to-Table Dining and Unique Recycled Finds

Welcome to our rustic farm-style restaurant! To ensure speedy and efficient service, we kindly ask our guests to place their food orders at the counter and pick them up once ready. By following this process, we can prioritize quick turnaround times and provide the best possible service to our valued clients. Our friendly staff, all locals with a deep connection to the community, are here to assist you throughout your dining experience. So, come on in, savor the farm-fresh flavors, and enjoy the seamless and delightful service we have crafted just for you.

Welcome to the Gift Oasis, a whimsical haven nestled on our charming farm. Explore scented soaps that invigorate and pamper, bags with stories to tell, and lip balms that make your lips oh-so-soft. Our rustic clothing line exudes charm, while our toy corner brings out the child in everyone. Amid fresh blooms and a gentle breeze, our friendly staff will help you find the perfect gift. Come and experience the joy of nature’s essence, captured in delightful treasures that bring smiles to all who discover them.

Welcome to our farm nursery, where an abundance of plants awaits you! We take pride in offering a wide variety of plants, and if we don’t have the specific one you’re looking for, we’ll go above and beyond to source it for you. Our friendly and enthusiastic staff is thrilled to welcome you and assist you in finding the perfect plants for your garden or home. Whether you’re seeking vibrant flowers, lush foliage, or unique specimens, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. So, join us at our nursery, where plant-filled dreams come true, and let our team help you bring greenery and beauty into your life.


If you would like to have an event or function at Plaasmol, Please just let us know @0749248478 .


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624 reviews
  • Aaliyah Rezant
    Aaliyah Rezant
    3 months ago

    An amazing and adoring place. It has animals and activities for kids and older folks will love the nostalgia. Live bands perform, and their meals are tasty. The customer service is amazing. Their staff is extremly friendly. A must go if you ever drive past it, the entire family would enjoy.

  • Willem van der Merwe

    Interesting place with interesting art. Amazed how big the wind turbine blades actually are. The airplane is open for kids to climb in, an amazing history of a hard-working plane and its final place of retirement.

  • Rudi Potgieter
    Rudi Potgieter
    a month ago

    Definetely worth visiting. A lot of upcycled recycled things creatively used. A lot of kaggel kakkies as well. The shop is wellstocked with jewellery, fresh vegetables, wine, sauces, etc. There is a nursery, a fish pond with Koi to entertain the kids, monkeys, turtles, a well looked after donkey, and birds. There is a restaurant available

  • Jurina Vizzi
    Jurina Vizzi
    a month ago

    One man's trash is another's treasure. It's hard to explain plaasmol. Maybe oddities calore. Everywhere, there is some art made from scrap. Many plants and succulents to purchase and do many other things on offer. Clothing, jewelry, funny signboards, and many odds and ends for sale. There are many animals and a playground for the kids to enjoy. The breakfast was disappointing,

  • Sarita Friguglietti
    Sarita Friguglietti
    3 months ago

    Fascinating little rest stop. Wandered through the paths lined with succulents and bric a brac fantasy objects made from everything and anything. Didn't eat, but enjoyed the earthy, recycled creativity immensely.

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