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At SPAR we continuously strive to achieve the highest standards of quality in all areas, from our warm and dedicated service to all our products. With the objective of consistently meeting the individual needs of every customer in a caring and homely environment, from our warm and dedicated service to all our products.

We are a part of the community and community is like family. We strive to give you the highest quality.




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  • Marianna Kershoff
    Marianna Kershoff
    11 months ago

    Terrible food. Bought 2 pieces of chicken, too much, too sweet marinade. No salt inside tasteless and not cooked through. Two mini doughnuts found 4 long black hair on bottom of container. Disgusted. Marianna Kershoff

  • Lee-Ann Human
    Lee-Ann Human
    6 months ago

    Very friendly staff thoughout the whole store. Its so good to see that customer service still exists.

  • Amanda Duvenhage
    Amanda Duvenhage
    2 years ago

    Was very disappointed in spar Hopefield today. Butchery guy was so pleasant. But at front was struggling with my parcels to get to car.. No want to help me. Cashier telling me their is enough outside the door to help. I'm only a visitor. Sorry will def not stop there again.

  • Gareth Norton
    Gareth Norton
    6 years ago

    We weren't very impressed with the prices or the quality of the meat etc. Do not compare it to a Super Spar that has much better value and more variety. The only reason that this shop exists is for convenience, but the local residents try to buy their groceries when travelling to Vredenberg or other larger towns. I would not recommend this place to get a quick bite to eat either.

  • Reuben martin
    Reuben martin
    3 months ago

    Service is good.but can still better the services at the fruit and veg side .

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