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Hopefield Primary School

556 Skoolstraat

Building Strong Foundations at Hopefield Primary

At Hopefield Primary, we believe a strong foundation is key to a child’s success. We partner with parents to ensure children enter the classroom prepared to learn and thrive.

Values We Share

We believe in fostering a respectful and inclusive environment where all students feel valued. Parents are our primary partners in this endeavor. Here are some ways you can prepare your child for a positive school experience:

Kindness and Respect: Teach your child the importance of using kind words and treating others with respect, regardless of background or differences. Bullying is never tolerated at Hopefield Primary.
Gratitude and Responsibility: Help your child develop an appreciation for what they have. Encourage them to take care of their belongings and be responsible for their actions.
Good Manners and Hygiene: Instill good manners such as using greetings, saying please and thank you, and practicing personal hygiene.
Commitment and Organization: Help your child develop strong work ethic and organizational skills.
A Partnership for Learning

Our dedicated teachers build upon the foundation established at home. Hopefield Primary offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes:

Afrikaans Home Language
Social Sciences
Natural Sciences
Life Skills/ Physical Education
Economic Management Sciences

We believe a strong home-school connection is essential for student success. We look forward to partnering with you to create a nurturing and enriching learning environment for your child.


Hopefield Primer Skool

Hopefield Primary School

School fees for 2024

R150 per month for 11 months or R1650 for the year





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